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        Russia invented antifreeze color glaze kiln

        Source:Lian-cheng Craft Porcelain FactoryAddtime:09/07/08
        Recently, Russia invented a color glaze kiln. This glaze is sio242.0 ~ 47.0%, ai2o34.5 ~ 6.0%, b2o39.5 ~ 13.0%, cao12.5 ~ 15.5%, mgo4.0 ~ 6.0%, pbo9.0 ~ 12.0%, cuo1. 5 ~ 2.5%, mno1.0 ~ 1.5%, zno4.0 ~ 6.0%, zro21.0 ~ 1.5% the composition of the atmosphere to restore the pottery becomes red purple, in the oxidation atmosphere, the pottery becomes green褐色. This glaze also has good frost resistance, according to the standards for anti-freeze-thaw cycle test, after 95 ~ 105 times to any change in freeze-thaw cycles.
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