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        Ceramic residue Bianshen energy-saving materials

        Source:Lian-cheng Craft Porcelain FactoryAddtime:09/07/08
        Guangdong, building ceramic production of the world's largest production scale, building ceramics production and marketing also occupy most of the world for more than 6 into a share of Guangdong's economic development, enhance the local economy set a huge role. However, when we are in the sharing of construction ceramics industry has brought huge economic benefits at the same time, we would have to accept the result of the development of this industry brought about the effects of pollution: air due to the process of ceramic firing
        Resulting in sulfur dioxide and nitrogen compounds; architectural ceramic tiles produced in the production process, some small to nano-sized ceramic powder residue. These arise due to a large number of ceramic tiles and powder residue, through the 1200-degree heat from the burning out of ceramic tiles in the grinding slag material, proved that these ceramic slag material in a natural condition with a hard natural degradation characteristics.

        Qingyuan, Guangdong in recent years, emerging as the building ceramics production base, to create a better investment in the entrepreneurial environment at the same time, in order to achieve the construction of "Green established City, Lingnan livable city, leisure capital of South China," the objectives, especially in the implement the scientific concept of development of the study, to actively explore the development of building ceramics industry because of the environmental impact of the way out. To discuss with the scientific structure, after multiple repeated scientific proof has been to find out the turning waste into workable ways.

        Ceramic residue yield large, will have to find a way out

        Qingyuan City, Guangdong's mountainous areas as a city, and the economically developed Pearl River Delta in the development of a certain gap, but also a latecomer advantages of regions, the "blank sheet of paper, the latest to paint the most beautiful drawing," In an interview with the Pearl River Delta Industry the transfer of considerable favorable preconditions: relative abundance of land resources, convenient transportation and close to water and land for construction distributing centers industrial shift in Guangzhou Pearl River Delta have become the preferred place. Building ceramics industry was developed rapidly in recent years, the main building materials industry. At present, the source of Qingyuan City, Lake, has become a significant industrial base, coupled with cloud being developed Qingxin Wo Ceramic Industrial Park, ceramic manufacturing enterprises has reached as many as dozens of homes, ceramic tile production line also will reach more than 300. Qingyuan, Guangdong Province and even China will become the largest and most intensive building ceramics production bases. "For the lead industry, the normal development does not impact on the environment due to industrial development, has been a focus of Qingyuan City CPC Committee and the work", Qingyuan City, the Blue Building Materials Industry Association, said Chi Sheng told reporters. Therefore, the relevant departments and Qingyuan City, Qingyuan City Construction Bureau and the relevant experts for the development of building ceramics industry, brought about by the impact on the environment issue very seriously. "In particular, last year's combination of scientific development concept and to learn to do a good job dealing with ceramic wastes as an important research topics to explore," Blue Chi said particular sound.

        It is understood that, at present, in Qingyuan City, building ceramics production base, about 50 million tons per year of ceramic waste residue generated, landfills are in excess of the expected pace. Because of the special nature of the ceramic residue, if it continues to use landfill approach would not only result in waste of land resources, but also on rivers, agricultural land and urban eco-environmental damage.

        A positive attitude to science to find a solution

        Reporter in the interview felt, Qingyuan municipal government departments concerned to face the problems of building ceramics industry, adopt a positive approach, in recent years, they had discussions with several research departments of the way out ceramic residue. Working together in a number of them, including a scientific research institutions with the Guangzhou University and co-operative studies, has been to find an optimal solution: ceramic wastes through treatment, can turn waste into treasure: is to be re-fired ceramic residue put into a ceramic ceramic residue production, and because of different uses to produce a variety of specifications of ceramic. Porcelain ceramic slag is a kind of stability, acid and alkali, fire performance, high strength, durability, density, low water absorption, high-performance artificial lightweight aggregate, which is widely used in lightweight aggregate concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete building structures, bridges, structures and wall materials and other fields. Can significantly reduce the weight of buildings, buildings will significantly reduce the use of steel, while the building due to the improvement of thermal insulation performance is also very beneficial to the implementation of energy-saving goals. On society and the local economy, sustainable development and environmental protection, ecological protection, are very favorable. In addition to ceramic, the ceramic residue can also produce wall material, thermal insulation materials, a variety of products, widely used in the construction field.

        In Qingyuan City Construction Bureau, the reporter saw a report on July 15, signed by experts, "Qingyuan region slag used in the construction sector porcelain feasibility study report," the evaluator's opinion, the experts right from the Qingyuan Municipal Construction Bureau and the Guangzhou University of completed The report gave high marks, saying the project consistent with national policy guidance utilization, with the emerging industrial city's economic development and environmental protection are important guiding significance, the project is reasonably practicable, a significant social and economic benefits ... ...

        Projects conducive to promoting the wider use

        Qingyuan City Construction Bureau of the concerned department, ceramic slag used in the construction sector and new building materials as an environmentally friendly projects, not only the need for high-tech support, but also requires considerable financial resources the size of the development and promotion, of course, the project's "money" scene also very attractive, experts say, by government policies to support the project by the social enterprises or private enterprises to conduct investment management operation, so as to achieve long-term production and long-term protection of the ecological objectives, forming a virtuous cycle of the
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