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        Chaozhou ceramics

        Source:Lian-cheng Craft Porcelain FactoryAddtime:09/07/08
        Chaozhou ceramics, a long history. Chen Qiaocun from within the shell midden sites, we can see that, as early as 6,000 years ago, our ancestors, and they thrive in this industry, pottery, while the North off the ancient kiln sites, South Gate, and Beacon Hill in the Song Dynasty of ancient kiln kiln (the same see the entry) of the excavation, also shows that at least in the Tang Emperor's Giho - reveal the early years of adjustment (AD 676-679), the Chaozhou has been large-scale ceramic production, and the emergence of underglaze-point Hecai porcelain. Chaozhou, Guangdong, as the Song Dynasty porcelain, its central growing areas in Chaozhou city all around, term of the present Xiangqiao District area.

        At present, Chaozhou has been the "China Ceramic Capital" title, Xiangqiao District is second only to Feng Xi are the second largest producing area of the porcelain. Phoenix area new, west, West Lake, Jinshan and other places, there is still a considerable scale ceramic production, ceramics production factory Chaozhou ceramics factory owners are also the shore of West Lake.

        Chaozhou ceramics sub-art furnishings porcelain, daily-use ceramics, construction ceramics, sanitary ware and specialty categories, art display was divided porcelain figure Ci Su, Tung Hua Ci flowers, animals, porcelain vases (disk) painting and so on. People porcelain carving, fine materials, glaze white crystal, beautiful shape to unique charm and well known porcelain altar; Tong Hua Ci flowers, but also to Diaolou hollow fine art, accompanied by kneading of the various types of porcelain flowers, in order to The unmatched beauty of exquisitely carved porcelain altar. Tong is a porcelain vase carved Body Geometry Patterns Link, or a variety of flowers, figures, animals, patterns, high temperature firing, the decorative patterns painted by hand, and then fired through the kiln formed. Mostly hollow of its decorative geometric patterns of shading, shading for the four consecutive multi-pattern, ease of sculptures, suitable for firing, easy to demonstrate precision and meticulous artistic effect. There are basically pass combination of flowers and enamel paint, Tung Flower and relief combined, Tung Flower and porcelain flowers combine, comprehensive type of decoration. Sculpting technique on single-carved, double-carving, engraving and can be multi-turn. Is a strong ethnic and local characteristics of the porcelain works of art, is also China's premier jacquard blend with the hollow sculpture, arts and crafts. "Tong vase" also has become the acknowledged porcelain art terminology; animals, porcelain animals, in order to deformation Cisu the most prestigious, it means exaggerated deformed and stressed animals, the most representative of a particular part of the charm to make unique; and vases, painted porcelain, but also introduce new, colorful, not only the colorful underglaze, blue and white, glaze color of ancient color, new color, pile carved gold and enamel of the struggle both underglaze color , but also constantly absorbing the introduction of new forms and techniques. There are meticulous brushwork, prospective pen, there are and work with writing, there are modernist painting. Chaozhou ceramics painted in the glaze, pigment rich compositions fresh, meticulous painting, neat delicate, color Wealthy, experience on behalf of the artist's efforts, forming a zone different from other painting style of porcelain, ceramic industry was rated as the "wave of Color" . Chaozhou ceramics have been nearly a hundred pieces of works in the national competitions winning numerous awards. Representative of the "Twelve Beauties", "Friendship Pass vase", "double-fu porcelain flower basket" and the international gold medal of the "celestial sphere bottle" and heap carved vases series (a group of five) and so on.

        Chaozhou ceramics culture, and accumulated deep. Chaozhou ceramics from the Tang and Song dynasties has been export-oriented products are mostly for export. Exports in the world is now more than 160 countries and regions. Chaozhou, China's largest arts and crafts, porcelain and porcelain production and export base, sanitary ware production base.


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