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        Architectural ceramics industry, first half of the warmer

        Source:Lian-cheng Craft Porcelain FactoryAddtime:09/07/08
        Ceramic industry the face of financial crisis, all the major production areas in the adjustment of advance, up until now has shown a steadily basic trend.

        Foshan ceramics producing enterprises, many SMEs have quietly disappeared, while the big brands and small and medium enterprises remain Lvxianruyi specialization, expansion of individual enterprises contrarian. In sales, including the first-line brands, including the majority of ceramic enterprises to expand sales channels, digestive inventory pressures achieved good results.

        Jiajiang, Sichuan, Shandong Zibo, the two main producing areas for middle and low production of products. Jiajiang mainly due to post-disaster reconstruction, while the Zibo products in urban and rural areas deeper market penetration in order to gain a competitive price advantage. In the first half, these two producing areas the situation for the entire ceramic industry has played a cornerstone role in warming.

        An emerging ceramic-producing areas in Jiangxi, since local government adopted a series of effective measures, there are still many enterprises invest in the continued presence.

        From the national perspective, the entire ceramic industry has been basically through the most difficult period, showing a steady rise of good, see the situation.
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